Running Red Lights

by Mina Leon

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(free) 04:16


Solo Debut


released January 10, 2012

Executive Producers: Tef Wesley, Mike "ST/MIC" Moxham



all rights reserved


Mina Leon 沖縄県, Japan

A Washington, D.C. native, Mina Leon is the epitome of a versatile artist. Mixing the soothing sounds of Soul, and delivering with Hip Hop's fierce cadence, Mina Leon writes about life...and the world is listening.

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Track Name: Intro (Running Red Lights)
they said a woman in my position
had no place in chasin' dreams
they said a woman with no education
would never be taken seriously
they said a woman who was beaten down
could not experience a victory
they said a woman with my kind of background
would never overcome adversity

they underestimated me
they assumed i couldn't fight
they only move when seein' green
but as for me, I like runnin' the red light
Track Name: New Day
--verse 1
here we go again
another sleepless night almost had me
think it was the end
bills were piled high up to the ceiling
been on this road before...
but i don't wanna travel it no more
so i phone a friend, he said “relax, cool out, mina baby the sun'll shine again,
all this rain is just temporary"
after the rain is gone, there'll come a time when you see the sun....
and you'll know that

it's a new day (time to step ya game up so you can)
do things your way (yesterday is but a memory for)
(you are the only one)
that has the power to make that day come
make that day
a brand new day

--verse 2
so i went out for a drive...
took the i95, bass crankin'
never felt alive,
the way i did and i got to thinkin'
man, my life is good...
i got my health, my fam, my friends, my hood... yeah
and i never realized...
how suddenly some things appear with a different set of eyes;
everything just looks so clear
like a piece of a puzzle i couldn't find
just when i thought i would lose my mind
it all makes sense, falls into place
now i got a smile up on my face cause

(all my life) i just kept travelin' in the wrong direction...
(all my life) i look in the mirror did not like my reflection
(love my life)i made my mistakes and i'm learnin' my lessons
(i'm lovin' , i'm lovin' my life) and i'm countin' my blessings...

Track Name: The Chase (feat. Waterloo)
--verse 1
i woke up this mornin' and i got myself a gun;
i'm comin' after you
what made ya think i would let ya get away with shootin' me down;
and leave me in this room...
last night was some kinda crazy, that must explain
this kinda mood i'm in
i can't wait for this day to be over, just so you and i can do it all again
again, and again

i love the way ya ____?____ me
must be the way ya ___?____ me
and baby when ya ____?____ me,
i just can't find the words to describe this kind of love...

--verse 2
sittin' at work unproductive; plottin my revenge
rubbin' my hands together
i gotta think, figure how to get away with
workin' my plan,
cause i don't have forever, no
so imma have to make my move tonight;
and you'll never see it comin' , no
imma have to get ya from behind
cause i can't have ya runnin'...runnin' from me

Track Name: Hello
--verse 1
i never saw it comin'
it was like heaven was torn in two, and the stars;
one by one...just kept fallin' (fallin' down)
and there was nothing left for me to make a wish on,
cause you were gone away. (yeah)
and now i'm looking up at a lonely moon...
hopin' that the Lord brings a mornin' soon, so i can feel up on my cheeks
the kiss of dew... (kiss of dew)
oh, how i dream to press rewind; this movie to another time:
when i was young, and i could fly,
long as ya held me, i could touch the sky...

hello? I'm callin' out to you, why can't you hear me?
hello? Hello? i wave my hands in front of you, why can't you see me?
Hello? I'm callin' out to you, why can't you hear me?

--verse 2
daddy...i drew a picture today at school;
with lots of colors, i hope you like it...
it's a picture of me and you!
and i even used my 'magination!
I wrote a story 'bout the day
i had a bad dream and i was cryin' and you said,
“baby, don't be afraid...i'll never leave you, to wake from a sleep
that had ya scared; i'll chase dem monsters away..”
ya said to, “get back in bed” and then ya tucked me in...
ya kissed my forehead, and that's end.
Oh now why are things so different?
Cause now when i'm alone i cry,
and no one's there to dry my eye
can you hear me? Hello?


mommy says that i'm too young right now, to understand
“sometimes you give your heart to someone, and it don't go how ya planned”
she said, “but that should never change the way he feels about ya babe...just pray;
that one day
God will open up his heart and he'll hear ya say...hello?”

Track Name: Our Little Secret
--verse 1
a gentle kiss is all it takes, and i can't breathe
anticipatin' what lies ahead, i can't believe
how ya got me open so damn easily; i'm
slowly descending and i'm
losing all sense of time, so
let the hands on the clock continue to make their way around
(tic tic tic)
i'm addicted and afflicted
ya got me feelin' so twisted...
i'm sinkin' further down and i'm zonin' out on the ceilin'
when i'm in your company that's when things start disappearin'

here we go, go again
you and me, it never ends
we should tell our little secret,
get it out there,
in the open
then again, a part of me is enjoyin' our secrecy..
let's keep it quiet, you and me
don't tell 'em who ya really be

--verse 2
i'm so glad i got enough of you to last me for a while
go into hiding and i'll find ya, when i need to smile
cause you're the only one who makes me feel the way you do
when the world comes tumblin' down all around me
i need a hit of you;
though you're cloudy...purple hazy
never cease to amaze me;
such a teeny little dose of you is needed,
and ya send me;
on a trip, a nice vacation
time for rest and relaxation
prop my feet up, blow you out
what would i do, do without

what is this? that i'm feelin' a mix of suspicion, i listen for sounds that don't belong
slight paranoia (oh how i enjoy ya)
i know that this love can't be wrong
no matter what they say--
i just can't let you go
don't wanna be alone tonight...
just wanna roll ya tightly baby


don't tell 'em (shh)
who ya be...
Track Name: What If (feat. K_BETA)
--verse 1
you lick ya lips and wink an eye,
touch my hips, and whisper, “hi”
and suddenly i'm
i can feel it inside; i'm givin' in to you
ya said, “can i steal ya for a while?”
you grabbed my hand and with a smile
you led me away...
how could i decline?
I've been dreamin' of this so maybe for the night

i can let you in
then...let you go
only tonight; i will not be here tomorrow so you can
let me in, then...
let this go
cause i'm taken
(but this is only my imagination...)

what if?
hypothetically speakin'
you could have me for the weekend?
what if?
hypothetically speakin'
we can make believe, just you and me...

--verse 2
so here we are, just me and you
what would you like for us to do?
maybe we could just improvise...
exercise our right to lust
(oops!) i bet ya didn't think that i
could let my imagination fly
but there's somethin' about ya,
i just can't get these fantasies out my mind...
you been pursuin' me for quite a while
you and me...we need to get this movin' now.
I can't wait another minute, no
inhibitions...just let 'em go
only tonight, i will not be here tomorrow...

Track Name: Nameless
--verse 1
who tried to take the songs i sang, and use 'em for your personal gain
ya didn't think i was on to your shady schemes, to steal people's dreams and
who took advantage of my broken heart, and made playin' chicks a work of art
so i flipped the script, made a record out of it, and that hit'll make me a star
so tell me baby, why you cryin'?
When you the one that was lyin'?
Yo tell ya wifey i said “hi”
one day she'll realize that you're no good
so take
all the money that i made ya; ya know, the bread ya thought i should've paid ya
mr. incredibly fake
you were a big mistake
but you shall remain...

(nameless) i shouldn't even say this...but i gotta get it off my chest
i'll protect your identity
hushed for too long; it's my time to speak
(nameless) you know who you are, and though you may get far
some things will never change
you'll always forever and ever remain nameless

--verse 2
and who could forget about you
cried wolf, said he cheated, when you did it too
ya even tried to start a teeny little fire
but it only burned you
oh my!
look how the tables turned, i hope it's a lesson learned
and how ya lost ya little j-o-b (ya secret's safe with me) but
truth sets ya free
so tell me girl, why you cryin?
When you the one that was lyin?
Yo tell ya hubby i said, “hi”
one day he'll realize that you're no good so...
congratulations on the baby;
a momma's boy, daddy's maybe...
hey lady don't blame me
i won't say it
but you shall remain


--verse 3
and what about those of you who use Jesus to hide all the dirt you do?
Ya dress up real nice every Sunday, and turn around and act shady on a Monday
you got the nerve to list your name among the needy
Daddy's preachin' and he's gettin' real greedy...
askin' masses for 10% to give his little girl the means to have cash to spend
what's happenin' ?!?!?!?
tell the congregation where all their tithin' went!!!!
but i'm on to ya
ya ain't foolin' me
the church supports ya whole family tree so,
remember when ya said that i was wrong,
When you worship your idols in Babylon?
I can't wait to see the looks on their faces;
they're pointing at you
but for now,
you'll remain

Track Name: I'm Tired
--verse 1
it's been a minute and i been feelin a certain away
and i can't really explain it:
floating in between being in love, and throwing all away
(i got a whole lot to say)
i got a lot invested but see no return
and now my interest has taken a turn for the worse
and i'm cursed as i'm writing this verse,
i rehearse all the words that it takes just to say
you don't deserve me

i'm tired...of carrying all these burdens you left for me
i'm head is achin' my back is breakin' and i can't sleep
it's such a heavy load
rollin' down this windy road so
i guess it's time to go
cause i'm tired

--verse 2
of all these situations i gotta deal with; they just blow my mind
one could go down a list, of all the specific instances
but i
just don't have the time (it's not like you'd understand)
what i do, or what i'm goin' through
like the names and the numbers (yeah i called a few)
so you got my permission, go ahead and do you
i'm droppin' these bags off back to you cause


it took some time...
but i came to my senses, gathered all my defenses
i feel so light (never been so free)
now i can focus on taking care of me

Track Name: Circle Games
you don't even have to say another word;
i've heard it all the first time around
for what's the use in playing these circle games?
they only spin us around
and then we fall down
and the higher we go, the tighter we hold the rope;
never letting go
and the deeper it gets, only makes it harder to forget
about me, bout you, bout us...

and God knows where this road is gonna lead me
but ya gotta leave me, for now
and time will tell when you'll see me again
and if it's meant to be, time will bring you to me
yeah, let it bring you to me

there's no need to say you're sorry
it's for the best, yes? That's what you said...yeah
and all these circle games people play,
yet nobody wins
and i never gave too much of myself
to make for an easier goodbye to you
there's nothin' left to say, for now, we gotta go our separate ways
but it was certainly one hell of a ride with you

and God knows where this road is gonna lead me
but ya gotta leave me, for now
and time will tell when you'll see me again
and if it's meant to be, time will bring you to me

and the higher we go, the tighter we hold the rope;
never letting go
and the deeper it gets, only makes it harder to forget
about me, bout you, bout us...

and God knows where this road is gonna lead me
but ya gotta leave me, for now
and time will tell when you'll see me again
and if it's meant to be, you'll come back to me
and God only knows where this road is gonna go
and time will tell when you'll see me again
and if it's meant to be, time will bring you to me
yeah, she'll bring you to me
and there will be
Track Name: Anything (feat. Tef Wesley & ST/MIC)
i'm exactly where I'm 'posed to be
it's such an overwhelming peace that's coming over me
i am free to be...
i used to walk the line but now I soar above it
possibilities I never saw before
an open door to do...

a valuable lesson I learned in life is that
all of us are capable of greatness
if we focus on things we like, then there's
no room for any limitations
if we can fly to the moon,
we should aim for the stars
so many things we have left to do
so c'mon, let's take what's ours
don't worry 'bout what might have been...
there's a reason it couldn't be
i was in that predicament--
the same thing happened to me but i
found the strength to stand
i promised i'd do the best i can
and when i fail, i realized
all i could do was try again

i'm exactly where I'm 'posed to be
it's such an overwhelming peace that's coming over me
i am free to be...
i used to walk the line but now I soar above it
possibilities I never saw before
an open door to do...
Track Name: Music (Where Are You?) feat. Tef Wesley
music...where have you been
we been lookin' all over, but can't seem to find our friend
music...please don't hide from me
we can't do this alone, we're surrounded by the enemy

--verse 1
it's been a while since i've seen ya smile, tell me...
are you disappointed with what they've done to your melody?
I've seen ya grow, i can hardly recognize you anymore they
took what you had to say and, threw it all away for
fame (and they have the audacity to claim ya name in)
vain (completely numb, oblivious to your)
pain (oh, how i wish that i can make a change, but)
i'm one of a few
one of the few who really loves you so


--verse 2
what happened to standing for something?
your speaking proudly?
i know it's been a long time since you've had an identity
but don't be shy, please, come out of hiding
out in the open there's so many hurting you but underground;
we're still fighting for
truth (while they weave their lies, in disguise deceivin' our)
youth (got them chasin' benjamins, robbin' their innocence)
you need to set them straight before it's too late
music...your people really need you

Track Name: Tomorrow
what's in a day?
24 hours of constant reminders of all my mistakes,
the choices i made
so what shall i write?
Shall i sing of decisions and make some revisions to this tune
called “my life”
a song for this poet to tell ya, of how she has dealt with her

yesterday when she loved til she was wounded
and yesterday she was strong til she was weak
and now today her melody speaks of sorrow
and her unfailing hope in tomorrow

i look to the sky
the sun my example; no matter the trouble
it never fails to rise
reminding me that darkness never stays
so while it shines it's light on me
i'll sing of all my history
a faded collection of all of my memories...
there's so many stories, but this one, i'll call it my

yesterday when i loved til i was wounded
and yesterday i was strong til i was weak
and now today my melody speaks of sorrow
and my unfailing hope in tomorrow
there's always tomorrow

here i am standing before you everything inside
out in the open, and i'm showing you who i really am inside
just a shell of a woman, who's dreaming for, and hoping for
just one more
i just need one more tomorrow
there's always tomorrow...